Department of Antiquities

Director's Address

Dear visitors,

The Department of Antiquities, Cyprus, has by definition a very important, manifold and difficult mission: the management of our cultural heritage. It is very well known that due to its geographical position and the historical circumstances that prevailed, the island developed a civilization which left rich remains both on the surface as well as in the ground of the Cypriot land.

Since its establishment in 1935, the Department of Antiquities is responsible for the excavation, conservation and promotion of ancient remains, and at the same time for the conservation, restoration and promotion of Cyprus' ancient monuments as a whole. It is also responsible for the function, the enrichment, the expansion and the establishment of public archaeological museums. Unfortunately, due to the Turkish invasion of 1974, the Department cannot exercise its authority in the occupied areas of Cyprus.

On our website one can find information concerning the history and the responsibilities of the Department of Antiquities, as well as information on the public museums, the ancient monuments and the archaeological sites of Cyprus. There is also information on the excavations that take place on the island, the Department's publications, legislation, educational programmes and application forms that are related to our services to the public.

Our aim is the direct and easy access to information concerning the above matters and simultaneously the enrichment and improvement of our website. The subject of the archaeology of Cyprus remains a dynamically developing issue and scientists as well as research departments all over the world deal with it systematically. The Department of Antiquities, as the primary manager and trustee of our cultural heritage, must have a dynamic presence in the area of electronic information in order to better respond to the demands of modern society.

Dr. Marina Solomidou-Ieronymidou

Director, Department of Antiquities

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