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Agios Georgios Hill (PA.SY.D.Y.), Lefkosia: Department of Antiquities, Cyprus

(Site Director: Dr. D. Pilides)

The 14th excavation season, which began on May 22 and lasted until July 7 2006, was the last excavation season at the Hill of Agios Georgios (PA.SY.D.Y),the proposed site for the new building of the House of Representatives.

Apart from a very fragmentary stone structure which may be assigned to the Late Chalcolithic period, found on the south-west slope, where the deeper deposits have been preserved, the site is a large settlement of the Hellenistic period, built on a grid plan with parallel roads from East to West at equidistant spaces and a wide central road from North to South across the settlement. In between the roads there are buildings consisting of rectangular rooms of various dimensions with ample evidence for workshop activities. Terracotta, stone and metal were made on the site and weaving was also one of the major activities of the inhabitants. Earlier remains dating to the Archaic and Classical periods were also found, even though the architectural remains from these periods have not been preserved except on the edges of the slope, on account of the nature of the landscape and the rebuilding that took place at the beginning of the Hellenistic period. The cultic material from all the above periods is predominant and strongly points to the presence of a sanctuary, for which most of the products of the workshops were directed. On the north part of the site, remains of several kilns indicate a continuation of the industrial activities into the Christian period, with a possible gap from the late 1st century B.C. to the 4th century A.D. and a series of superimposed church buildings take the history of the site to the beginning of the Venetian period.

The Hill of Agios Georgios (PA.SY.D.Y.), Lefkosia

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