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European Projects

REHABIMED (EUROMED HERITAGE III): The Rehabilitation of Urban Landscape in Lefkara

The Rehabilitation of Urban Landscape in Lefkara is one of the four Pilot Operations of RehabiMed, a Euromed Heritage III Project,
dealing with the Traditional Architecture of the Mediterrenean, its rehabilitation and its promotion as a factor of sustainable development.

The project, completed on January 2007, includes rehabilitation of facades, stone pavements, improvement of the electrical installation
and illumination, urban furniture and signage. The rehabilitation project was based on a previous historical research and on the documentation
of the traditional architectural elements in situ, according to the RehabiMed Method for the rehabilitation of the traditional architecture.
It aimed at restoring such elements as openings, renderings and colours lost in the various interventions of the last 40 years.
It also proposes the design of the square in front of the church as a space for communal meeting and entertainment, to be implemented on a later stage.

Funded by: European Union, Cooperation Espagnole, the Republic of Cyprus.

Implementation: Department of Antiquities, Ministry of Communications and Works, with the collaboration of the
Department of Town Planning and Housing, Ministry of Interior

Architect: Vasilis Iereidis
Contractor: Melfica Constructions Ltd

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