Department of Antiquities


Palaion Demarcheion, Lefkosia: Department of Antiquities, Cyprus

(Site Director: Y. Violaris)

The first excavation period at the site of the Palaion Demarcheion was in June 2002 and excavation continues to this day. This large excavation site in the heart of Lefkosia's (Nicosia's) walled old town has revealed important information concerning the capital's history from the 11th century A.D. up until the 19th century A.D; in other words from the middle Byzantine period until the British colonial period. More specifically, a large section of the Byzantine and Medieval town has been excavated, including two churches, the remains of monumental buildings, workshops, roads, wells etc. There is also evidence for human presence during the Middle Bronze Age period. The large number of moveable finds, mainly dating to the Byzantine and the Medieval period, present a rather clear picture of everyday life in the capital but also of Lefkosia's commercial relations with other parts of the island and abroad.

Palaion Demarcheion, Lefkosia: Excavations

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