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Republic of Cyprus

Responsibilities of the Aeronautical Information Service

Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) belongs to the Department of Civil Aviation of the Republic. It consists of seven sections:
  • AIS / MAP Management
  • Information / Data processin (IDP)
  • Text Producing (TP)
  • Cartographic (MAP)
  • Administration, Publication and Distribution (APD)
  • Internation NOTAM Office (NOF)
  • Aerodrome Reporting Office (ARO)

AIS / MAP Management
It bears the overall responsibility for the implementation and monitoring processes and work carried out by the service.
Information / Data processin (IDP)
It is responsible for the collection and evaluation of information relating to the adoption of the Aeronautical Information Publication ( AIP ) .
Text Producing (TP)
It is responsible for the process of changes provided by IDP and MAP, to create the AIP Amendments and Supplements, the AIC and other relevant documents .
Cartographic (MAP)
It is responsible for creating aeronautical maps.
Administration, Publication and Distribution (APD)
It is responsible for administrative support to AIS.
Electronic Terrain Obstacle Data (ETOD)
It is responsible for collection, recording and distribution of obstacles.
International NOTAM Office (NOF)
It is responsible for creation and distribution of aeronautical information NOTAM .
Aerodrome Reporting Office (ARO)
It is responsible for provision of aeronautical information (flight plan, notam, pre-flight information bulletin, post flight information report)

Additional duties AIS

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