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The FUA Concept provides the Air Traffic Management system with the potential to increase capacity.

The FUA Concept allows the maximum shared use of airspace through enhanced civil/military co-ordination. The application of the FUA Concept ensures that any airspace segregation is temporary and based on real use for a specified time period.

The Flexible Use of Airspace Concept has been developed at the three Levels of Airspace Management that correspond to Civil/Military co-ordination tasks. Each Airspace Management (ASM) level has an impact on the others:

    • Strategic Level 1 – definition of the national airspace policy and establishment of pre-determined airspace structures;
    • Pre-tactical Level 2 – day-to-day allocation of airspace according to user requirements;
    • Tactical Level 3 – real-time use of airspace allowing safe Operational Air Traffic & General Air Traffic (OAT & GAT)operations.
Effective application of the FUA Concept requires the establishment in each of the European Civil Aviation Conference States of a national High-Level Airspace Policy Body. This body is tasked with the re-assessment of national airspace, the progressive establishment of new flexible airspace structures and the introduction of procedures for the allocation of these airspace structures on a day-by-day basis.

The practical application of the FUA Concept relies on national Airspace Management Cells (AMCs) for the daily allocation and promulgation of flexible airspace structures in the Airspace Use Plan and Updated Use Plan, and on the Centralised Airspace Data Function for the dissemination of information to aircraft operators through daily European AUP and UUPs via NOP Portal or eAMI message for those using B2B service.

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