Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Airspace Management Cell

Pre-Tactical Level

    Pre-Tactical Level is the conduct of operational airspace management within the framework of the structures and procedures defined at Strategic Level. Pre-Tactical tasks include the day-to-day allocation of airspace and the communication of airspace allocation data to all the parties concerned.
Cyprus has established and authorised joint civil/military Airspace Management Cells to conduct day-to-day airspace allocation and management in close co-operation with the Network Manager.


      • allocate the required airspace on a day-to-day basis to the users in a decisive, timely and efficient manner
      • promulgate each day to all parties concerned the airspace allocation decision for the following day by transmitting an Airspace Use Plan (AUP) and Updated Airspace Use Plans (UUPs) according to the rolling UUP process.

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Department of Civil Aviation - Cyprus

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