Department of Antiquities


Kalavasos Kokkinoyia: University of East Anglia


(Dir.: Dr. J. Clarke)

The Department of Antiquities announces the completion of this year’s field season at the Late Neolithic / Early Chalcolithic site, Kalavasos Kokkinoyia by the University of East Anglia, under the direction of Dr. Joanne Clarke. Kokkinogia is situated in farmland, approximately 4 km south of the village of Kalavasos. It is the most southerly of a cluster of sites located around the intersection of the old Lefkosia/Limassol road and the road to the coastal village of Zygi that include the Early Chalcolithic site Kalavasos-Ayious and the multi-period prehistoric site, Kalavasos-Pamboules.

The April season brought to completion the first phase of excavations by the Kalavasos Prehistoric Project pending publication of excavations at Kokkinogia. Future archaeological research is planned for the multi-period site, Pamboules.

In recent years excavations at Kokkinogia have uncovered an impressive “chamber and tunnel complex” and a series of individual and inter-joining chambers. The purpose of these underground features remains enigmatic. Many were sealed up following primary use, or were re-used for tasks such as the processing of ochre or storage of objects; their primary use and why they were actually dug cannot be ascertained as most were completely empty.

In addition to the chamber and tunnel complex and the individual chambers, excavations uncovered a single circular structure, partly sunk into the bedrock, with a central post hole, fire pit and a series of crushed limestone floors. This structure appears to have been associated with at least some of the underground chambers but clearly had a different use.

Finally, Kokkinogia was used as a burial place. At least six individuals were interred in pits and chambers around the structure. In one shallow pit was found the fully articulated bones of a young female and the long bones of a second individual. In another pit were three fully articulated skeletons, one on top of the other, and in a chamber-like feature were the stacked bones of another individual.

Kalavasos- Kokkinogia tunnel complex

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