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The Archaeological Site of Idalion consists of the hill of Ampeleri that functioned as the administrative acropolis of the ancient city of Idalion during the Cypro-Archaic and Cypro-Classical periods (c. 750-310 BC). It lies at the southern boundaries of the present-day town of Dali.

To the northernmost part of the site lies the Local Archaeological Museum of Ancient Idalion that functions as an information centre and as the gateway to the Archaeological Site. A path starting from the Museum leads to various excavated sites. The visitor can first visit two excavated sections of the Lower City, where parts of the first millennium BC settlement with small sanctuaries and industrial areas were found by an American Mission. Up the hill lies the most extendedly excavated site. The area accommodates the remains of an impressive architectural complex that functioned as the seat of the Greek-speaking royal dynasty of Idalion in the Cypro-Archaic period (c. 7th century-450 BC) and in the subsequent Cypro-Classical period (c. 450-310 BC) as the administrative centre of the Idalion territory, which was by then incorporated into the kingdom of Kition. This monumental complex was excavated by the Department of Antiquities.

On the top of the hill are the remains of a Late Bronze Age settlement and a Cypro-Archaic temenos, dedicated to the goddess Athena. The site was excavated a century ago by the celebrated Swedish archaeological mission, which is considered the founder of scientific archaeological research in Cyprus.
The administrative centre on the acropolis of ancient Idalion
The administrative centre on the acropolis of ancient Idalion

District Lefkosia
Opening hours

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Monday - Friday: 8:30-16:00
Admission2,50 (including the visit to the Local Archaeological Museum of Ancient Idalion)

The main site (the administrative centre) is accessible to people on wheelchair.


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