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Mission - Vision


The reliable and efficient provision of the universal service as well as other value added innovative services by capitalizing on the postal network and infrastructure for serving the customers-citizens.


To be the first choice in connecting people and businesses.
Strategic priorities:
    1. Establish sustainable revenue sources through:
      • The introduction of new services
      • The provision of Citizen Service Center services
      • Promotion of new and current services through the upgrade of the Commercial and Marketing Section
    2. Improve the quality of the services offered:
      • Utilization of modern technology to speed up the service as well to ensure the efficient usage of the available resources:
      • Upgrade of the equipment used
      • Upgrade of the postal infrastructure and improve the customer experience at the Post Offices.
      • Expand and upgrade the Parcel24 service.
      • ISO certification
      3. Human Capital:
        • Implementation of a diverse and comprehensive training program with in house resources.
        • Cooperation with foreign vocational training centers.
        • Improve the two-way communication channels between the Management and the staff.
        • Encourage the “participative culture” through the establishment of internal social network, newsletter to express ideas and submit proposals for improvement.
        • An incentive scheme for productivity increase is under consideration.

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