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The Cyprus Post operates a modern sorting machine at the Mail Sorting Center (KE.D.A.) at Latsia.

In order for mail to be sorted as quickly as possible with the least possible human intervention, it is important to follow some basic rules as described below:

  1. The address must be written in the correct way.
  2. Envelope of specific types which are compatible with the mail sorting machine should be used.
  3. The surface of the envelopes and postcards should be used in the right way for clearly indicating the addressee and the sender and for affixing or imprinting stamps.

Therefore, for best and fastest service, please follow these basic rules!

Hide details for Maximum weight and dimensions
Maximum weight and dimensions

Postal item
Maximum limit of weight Kg*
Dimensions mm
900 x 600
90 x 140
Small packets**
Newspapers, Periodicals and Books
Literature for the Blind
Special bags for Printed Papers
120 x 235
90 x 140
110 x 120
90 x 140
Items in cylindrical shape(roll form).Length plus twice the diameter, 1040 mm but the greatest dimension may not exceed 900 mm with a tolerance of 2 mmLength plus twice the diameter 170 mm but the greatest dimansion may not less than 100 mm
* Only the following countries exchanged small packages up to 5 kg:

Albania, Austria, Bosnia - Herzegovina, Germany, Greece, Jordan, Qatar, Malta, Bahrain, Oman, Russia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Philippines.

**The maximum allowable weight for Parcel abroad differs from country to country.

Hide details for Recommended Envelope Sizes Recommended Envelope Sizes

Hide details for Correct address Correct address

An address in Cyprus should be presented as follows:

Inbound letter mail
Domestic mail

Hide details for Correct use of envelope and postcards surface Correct use of envelope and postcards surface
Hide details for EnvelopesEnvelopes

Hide details for Post CardsPost Cards

Hide details for ProhibitionsProhibitions

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