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Director's Message

Dear visitor,

I welcome you to the homepage of the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services. Our aim is to turn this website into the place, the source and the means of a direct and continuous communication with you, allowing you to find easily and quickly information about the activities of the Department, the legislation for which the EMS is the competent authority, application forms as well as news and information of general and specific interest.

The Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services performs a wide range of activities. It is engaged in planning, designing, executing and maintaining government electromechanical projects, it makes purchases and maintains electrical and mechanical equipment, medical equipment, machinery and vehicles and ensures the proper maintenance of the electrical and mechanical installations and equipment of all government buildings.

A very important field of activity for the Department is the implementation, the monitoring of the implementation, the revision and the updating of a series of harmonizing laws and national laws for which the Department acts as the competent authority or has specific knowledge and experience.

The main goals of the Department are:

(a) The effective supervision of the implementation of existing laws relating the safety and health of the public, for which the Department is the designated competent authority and at the same time, their updating and the promotion of new regulations, where necessary.

(b) The successful implementation of the project it undertakes to execute using its own budget, or on behalf of other government services.

(c) The promotion of new technology and up-to-date methods of management of the mechanical, the electrical and the electronic equipment and machinery as well as the vehicle fleet of the government.

(d) The upgrading of its staff, by differentiating their qualifications and retraining, so as to be able to cope with their new role concerning the new technologies and demands of public administration.

I ask you to devote a little time to browse on our website, hoping that you will submit your own suggestions, remarks and comments for the improvement and upgrading of the standard of services we offer.