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Republic of Cyprus
Department of Merchant Shipping
The Cyprus Registry today, ranks among the top ten International fleets and is the third largest fleet within the European Union, with a percentage of 12% of the total fleet of the 27 EU Member-States. In 2009, there were 1.853 vessels totalling 21.581.424 GT registered in the Cyprus Register.

The mission of the Department of Merchant Shipping is the further growth of Cyprus in the Merchant Shipping sector, its establishement as an international maritime centre and the promotion of Cyprus Flag as flag of quality in the international scene.


The Department of Merchant Shipping is functioning under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works and is accountable to the Ministry for the effective implementation of the merchant shipping laws and the international maritime conventions to which Cyprus is a contracting party. In particular, the basic functions of the Department are the following:

 Registration of ships and small vessels and registry related transactions.
 Control of Cyprus flag vessels in respect of safety, security, pollution prevention, qualifications of seafarers and living and working conditions of seafarers.
 Inspection / surveys of foreign flag vessels in Cyprus ports (Port State Control) as a contracting party to the Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control.
 Control and certification of coastal passenger and high-speed craft.
 Training, Certification and Registration of Seafarers.
 Continuous updating of the merchant shipping legislation and harmonisation with the European Union legislation.
 Taxation of shipowning and ship management companies.
 Promotion and further development of Cyprus as a maritime centre and an international registry.
International relations, participation in international organisations, bilateral agreements and cooperation with maritime authorities of other countries.

Department of Merchant Shipping,Killinis, Mesa Gitonia,4007 Limassol, P.O.BOX 56193 , 3305 Limassol


Acting Director

Ioannis Efstratiou



Customer Service Officer

Elisavet Krini



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