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The Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ΕΤΕΚ) is the statutory Technical Advisor to the State and is the umbrella organisation for all Cypriot Engineers. It was established by Law 224/1990 and is a Public Law Body with an elected Governing Body. It has an office and a Service capable of promoting its objects.

Chamber Management:
The Chamber is governed by a thirty-member General Council, which is elected directly by ETEK members for a three-year term of office. The General Council elects its President, General Secretary, General Treasurer and four other members who form the Administrative Committee. The Administrative Committee is the Chamber's executive and co-ordinating body, with powers to implement its policy, as this is shaped by the Chamber.

Objectives and powers: The objective of ΕΤΕΚ is to promote science in the various sectors related to the fields of specialisation of its members, engineering and technology in general and to develop them with a view to the self-sufficient economic, social and cultural development of the Republic.

Fields of the science of engineering:

A field of the science of engineering in which the members of ETEK are registered are as follows:

(a) architecture including landscape architecture

(b) civil engineering including landscape engineering

(c) mechanical engineering

(d) electrical engineering

(e) electronic engineering including information technology engineering

(f) chemical engineering

(g) mine and applied geology engineering

(h) agronomic-topographic engineering

(i) land survey and valuation

(j) Town and Spatial Planning

(h) Any other field of engineering science determined by a decision of the Council of Ministers, following a suggestion by the Chamber, as a field of engineering science for the purposes of this Law.

Members of the Chamber:
any person may be included in the ETEK Register of Members and be a member of the Chamber if he/she :

(a) holds a diploma or university degree or other comparable qualification in any field of the Science of Engineering, which permits him/her to practise the profession in the country in which it was obtained and which is recognised by the Chamber in accordance with the Law or the regulations pursuant to the ETEK Law

b) (i) is a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus or on the date of submission of the application is the spouse of a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus and has his/her usual residence in Cyprus, or
(ii) is a citizen of a member state who is established in the Republic

(c) For registration in the fields of Architecture, including Landscape Architecture and Civil Engineering, including Landscape Engineering, in addition to the above, one year's practical work is also required following acquisition of the qualification mentioned in (a) above.

For the purpose of exercising control and disciplinary powers over the members of the Chamber, the Chamber operates a Disciplinary Board, composed of the president of the Chamber and ten other members of the Chamber, elected directly from the whole membership of ETEK.


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