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Republic of Cyprus
Council of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors
The scope of the Council of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors is to register, classify and issue registration certificates, and annual licences to all Building and Civil Engineering Contractors. The law provides for two categories of contractors, “Building Contractors” and “Civil Engineering Contractors”. Each category has five classes “A” to “E”.

The classification is assessed according to the academic qualifications and experience of the contractor (or the Technical Manager in the case of companies), the current value of their construction machinery and the qualifications of their technical personnel.

Building contractors have to be registered with the Council and are only eligible to undertake the construction of projects which fall within their category and class.

Non compliance to the provision of this law is a criminal offence and offenders may be the contractor himself, the owner of the project and the supervising engineer of architect, as the case may be. The law empowers courts to order the partial, temporary, or complete, closing down of a construction site.

The law has been enforced by the Council since 1982 and it has since been subjected to a number of amendments and still, there is a need for further improvements.

Nevertheless, its application has helped to upgrade the trade and protect the public from unqualified inexperienced contractors. The number of court cases or arbitrations within the construction industry are limited.


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