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Permanent Secretary

Chrystalla Mallouppa

Acting Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Transport, Communications and Work

      Chrystalla Mallouppa attended the Second Gymnasium Morphou. She holds a BSc degree in Civil Engineering from Queen Mary College, University of London, for which she was awarded a prize for her academic attainment of a First Class Honours Degree. She holds an MBA from the University of Cyprus, her final project thesis being on "Promotion and Deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Cyprus". She was awarded the Ernst and Young Prize by the University of Cyprus for distinction in leadership skills and for her academic performance during her MBA studies. She is a Member of the Cyprus Technical Chamber (ETEK), was a Member of the Planning Board (served two terms), the Cyprus Association of Civil Engineers and Architects as well as the Cyprus Society of Civil Engineers. She represents Cyprus at the Governing Board of the Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR) and the Management Board of the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA). She is also a member of the Technical Committee set up to facilitate the opening of crossing points on the cease fire line. She began her professional career in September 1976 at the Public Works Department (PWD), as a contracted Executive Engineer. She was promoted to all Engineering posts in the PWD and was appointed its first female Director on 8 December 2014. At the PWD she held various posts of responsibility, which included: Bridge Design, Road Works, Structural and Antiseismic design on buildings studies as well as Project Engineer for many Government Building Projects, the Nicosia District Engineers’ Office and was also Head of the Design Section of PWD. She participated in many professional activities, including the Team of Cypriot Engineers, under the auspices of ETEK, which was in charge of evaluating the effects of the damages caused by the catastrophic earthquakes that hit Athens in 1999 and for submitting reports to the Greek Authorities concerning the assessment of the damages and their possible remedy. In the framework of her professional status she delivered numerous presentations on related technical issues to conferences, the Media and Public Hearings to Local Authorities and civil society. She is married to Andreas and has three children.

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