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Republic of Cyprus
Documents/Procedures on Driving License

Copy of Driving Licence


Applicants together with all relevant documents should be presented in person or through an authorized representative at the local District Offices of the Road Transport Department or Citizen Service Offices or KEPOs of the Department of Postal Services.

Issuance of a copy of a driver's license :
1. Fill in the form: TOM 46B (the form is listed below)
2. Fill in the form: TOM 7D ( click here )
3. A recent photo of size 45x35 mm.
4. Proof that the applicant has his usual residence in the Republic. For foreign applicants, instructions here.
5. Identity Card
6.Fee €40

Note :

· Attaching an altered driver's license, in case the driver's license is altered.

· Presentation of a certificate from the Police in case of theft or loss or destruction.

A copy of a driver's license can be issued in cases of loss, alteration or destruction of the driver's license.
The issuing of a copy of a driver's license or learner's license is governed by the Driving License Act 2001.

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