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Αρχείο Acrobat Reader AIC C 002-18 - Guidance on Regulatory Administrative Act 359-2014 for the use of Ultralight Flying Sports Machines.pdf
Αρχείο Acrobat Reader AIC C004-17- Application Attendance at an EASA PART- FCL Theoretical Examination.pdf
Αρχείο Acrobat Reader AIC_C_05_2020-Formal evaluation on English Language Proficiency.pdf
Αρχείο Acrobat Reader DCA-EX-01-2021_Covid-19-2W-Extension of validity periods and other time periods for aircrew.pdf
Αρχείο Acrobat Reader Guidelines for Flight Crew and Cabin Crew Training in the field of CAT.pdf
Αρχείο Acrobat Reader LIC 2020-01_ Covid-19 Outbreak-V2.pdf
Αρχείο Acrobat Reader LIC 2020-02_ Covid-19 Outbreak.pdf
Αρχείο Acrobat Reader LIC 2020-03_Revalidation of single-pilot single-engine class ratings.pdf
Αρχείο Acrobat Reader LIC 2021-01_COVID-19 2W Extension of validity periods and other time periods for aircrew.pdf
Αρχείο Acrobat Reader LIC 2021-02_ARA.FCL.205_Designation of DCA Examiners for Skill Tests for Initial Issue of Licenses, Ratings and Certificates.pdf
Αρχείο Acrobat Reader LIC 2023-01_License Endorsement after the conduct of Assessment of Competence for the Initial Issue or Revalidation or Renewal of an Instructor Certificate.pdf
Αρχείο Word SF-81_Application for an Exemption-Nov2020.doc

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