Civil Aviation Department

Cyprus Aircraft Register


    The Department of Civil Aviation is the competent Authority responsible for keeping the Cyprus Aircraft Register.
    In the Cyprus Aircraft Register, registration, transfer and deletion of the aircraft and of its rights, as well as every modification of the submitted data are recorded.

    Article 11 of the Cyprus Civil Aviation Law N213(I)/2002 as amended defines the conditions under which an aircraft can be registered in the Cyprus Register.

    The registration procedure and Article 11 of the Law are contained in the Aeronautical Circular (AIC) No. C004/2020.

    In accordance with Article 12 of the Law, aircraft registered in foreign registries, may, insofar as deleted from them, be transferred to the Cyprus Aircraft Register, provided they meet the conditions of Article 11 (aircraft registration). The transfer shall have the same legal consequences as the registration.

    For the transfer, the procedure followed is the same as for the registration and an application for registration should be submitted.

    In accordance with Article 13 of the Law, an aircraft is deleted from the Cyprus Aircraft Registry if and when it

    (a) Loses its Cypriot Nationality (article 15);
    (b) Is completely destroyed;
    (c) Its whereabout is seriously suspected for at least three months;
    (d) Is dismantled.
      A written application for de-registration (in a letter form) should be submitted to the Department by the owner and/or aircraft operatoras applicable.

      Public Interest
      In accordance with Article 14 of the Law, The Minister may, in the public interest, exceptionally prohibit the registration or transfer of an aircraft in the Cyprus Aircraft Registry, or order the deletion thereof from the said Registry.

      Cyprus nationality
      In accordance with Article 15 of the Law, an aircraft acquires its Cyprus nationality upon being registered in the Cyprus Aircraft Register.
      An aircraft shall lose its Cyprus nationality if it fails to meet one of the conditions for registration in the Cyprus Aircraft Registry or if it is registered in a foreign registry.


      In accordance with the Civil Aviation Fees Regulations No.458 of 2004 the applicable registration fees are as follows:

      1. For aircraft and Balloons of a maximum all up weight of up to 15 tons, Payable fee: €85.43

      2. For aircraft of a maximum all up weight of over 15 tons, Payable fee: €170.86

          Statistics as of 31/12/2023

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