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Cash Registers

On the basis of the Regulations on the Confirmation and Collection of Taxes, Cash registers (Fiscal Memory Cash Systems FMCS) available in the market must comply with certain technical specifications.

Compliance with the specifications of any type of FMCS is certified by the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services and subsequently the relevant operation licence is granted to the importer so as to make it available on the market. The sample of the FMCS which has been certified is considered as the prototype and is kept at the Department for reasons of comparison and reference. Every FMCS of the specific type, before it is put in operation is numbered and sealed by the importer, with a special seal given to him by the Department.

Maintenance and repairs in FMCS can only be made by maintenance technicians who have received the relevant licence by the Director of the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services.

For more information you may contact the competent officer of the Department (tel 22800422)