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Mission and History

The Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services (D.EMS) was established in 1975 and is a Department of the Ministry of Communications and Works (MCW). The basic objective for its establishment was to bring under a single management all the workshops and staff employed in the maintenance of electrical and mechanical equipment and machinery.

Since then, the role of D.EMS has changed considerably. Today the Department, thanks to its qualified scientific and technical staff acts as the advisor of the government on questions relating to electricity and on all electromechanical issues. It carries out a wide range of activities, such as the planning, the design, the execution and the maintenance of governmental electromechanical installations, the purchase of machinery and vehicles, the management of vehicles, machinery and electromechanical installations/equipment as well as the maintenance of all government buildings.

Furthermore, the contribution of the Department to the effort of harmonizing the legislation of Cyprus with the European Acquis has been remarkable.

After Cyprus’ accession to the European Union, the D.EMS undertook the important role of Competent Authority for the implementation of a series of harmonizing laws relating mainly to the safety of many categories of electrical and mechanical equipment (low voltage electrical equipment, gas appliances, transportable pressure equipment, aerosol dispensers, teleferic units, waste transportation vehicles, tachographs etc). Moreover, the D. EMS is the Competent Authority for other harmonizing legislation, such as the laws on electricity, vehicle mechanics, swimming pools, cash registers etc.

The D. EMS, being fully aware of the great importance updated legislation has in developed countries, has formed a permanent unit which is occupied exclusively with the modernization and harmonization of legislation and is also tasked with following the continuously updated European legislation.

D.EMS’s strategic goal is the creation of a modern organisation which will offer high quality advisory services to the citizens and all government departments and the execution of projects in an efficient, productive and effective manner. To achieve this goal we seek to maximize the capabilities of the staff of the Department, through the development of initiative, cultivation of a sense of consistency, responsibility and team work.