Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Airspace Management Cell


    Requests for airspace reservation shall be submitted using the Airspace Reservation Request Form given in Annex I of this AIC. The form shall be forwarded to the Cyprus AMC. Contact details given in 4.2 above.

    The airspace reservation requests shall clearly define the exact period(s) of activity, the affected area(s) (coordinates and min/max height or fight level -FL) as well as the nature of the activity.

    The Airspace Reservation Request Form, for non AMC-manageable areas, shall be submitted at least 20 working days prior the day of planned activity. In case of late submission, approval of the request may be delayed.
      In the case of conflicting/overlapping airspace reservation requests, priority rules shall apply.
        Following the receipt notification of approval, if any element of the activity (e.g. time, level) is modified or the activity is cancelled, the Cyprus AMC shall be notified accordingly in advance.

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