Dear friends,

    It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works. The electronic era we live in, provides us with new opportunities, which we intend to utilise in an attempt to bring citizens closer to the important and multifaceted work undertaken by our Ministry. At the same time, we believe that, through this website we can expand our capabilities to communicate more effectively, so that we allow your ideas and suggestions to contribute to an improved, more public-friendly and more efficient function of our Ministry.

    The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works is engaged in a wide range of subjects such as communications, public and private road transport, civil aviation, public works, postal services, antiquities and other areas that relate to the enhancement of the quality of life of our citizens. We live in hard times, where our society is under trial by the negative consequences of the economic crisis. At the same time, our small country is an equal and active member of the European and the International community, aspiring to formulate its own modern role in a rapidly changing and highly competitive world. Along with the active participation of Cyprus citizens, our vision is to formulate the terms and conditions required in order for Cyprus to transform the risks and threats into opportunities for further reform and modernisation changes. Those particular reforms and changes that are needed more than ever by the country and the society.

    We are determined to move forward through dialogue, transparency, honesty and integrity, in order to overcome the obstacles of the economic crisis and to offer our citizens, and our children, the European future that they rightly deserve.

    This bet is collective and I am confident that together we can win it.