The Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services is involved in electrical and mechanical engineering issues of public interest and advises the Government on policy planning on such matters. Its structure consists of five Sectors (Administration, Legislation, Legislation Implementation, Works and Supplies, Maintenance) and four District Offices (Lefkosia, Lemesos, Larnaca/Ammochostos, Pafos).

The Department has the responsibility for the planning, design, execution and maintenance of most governmental Electrical and Mechanical projects. In addition, it is responsible for the purchase, the maintenance and the efficient utilization of the governmental machinery, equipment and vehicle fleet. Furthermore, the Department acts as the competent authority for the implementation of the legislation in many fields of electrical and mechanical engineering nature and additionally, it is responsible for the harmonization of Cyprus legislation with the European Acquis, in many subjects related to its competencies.

The action plan of the Department includes:

• Activities towards the improvement of supervision and inspection on the quality of projects and services that fall under its responsibility.

• Activities for the prompt implementation of work that relates to the purchase and installation of electrical and mechanical machinery and systems.

• Reevaluation of the responsibilities of the Department with the aim to consolidate its competencies within a legal framework and to gradually assume a strategic role with regard to programming, design, implementation and maintenance of projects of electrical and mechanical nature.

• Actions for the improvement on the necessary coordination needed between the Governmental Departments, for the purpose of the approval of funds for maintenance and repair of electromechanical installations, vehicles and machinery.

• Activities for stepping up the harmonization with the European Acquis.

• Efficient implementation of the law on public tenders and working out of problems arising in connection to the prompt implementation of projects.

• Continuous training of personnel on issues related to the activities of the Department and to the implementation of modern technology.

The Ministry's vision with respect to the field of the Department's activities focuses on ¨the continuous effort for the improvement of the services offered to the public and to other Government Services, through the maintenance, reinforcement and upgrading of the country's infrastructure that will support the economic activity, and through the establishment of the necessary structures for the effective implementation of the European Acquis.

Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services, Ayio Ilarionos Avenue, Kaimakli, 1426 Nicosia, P.O.BOX 29669, 1722 Nicosia
Marcos Marcou
Customer Service Officer
Eleni Ktora