The Department of Postal Services is responsible for the organization, operation and provision of postal services as well as for the secure and prompt distribution and delivery of postal items both in urban and rural areas of the Republic of Cyprus.

The main aim of the Department of Postal Services is the continual improvement of the services offered on both national and international level. It also aims to effectively face the challenges of an ever increasing competition resulting from technological developments in telecommunications, in order to maintain its leading position in the market, offering high quality services to its customers.

Due to the extent of the postal network throughout Cyprus and its contact with the public, in both urban and rural areas, the Department of Postal Services offers – apart from the traditional postal services - additional services to the public, on behalf of other government departments.

As part of a wider Government plan for the improvement of the postal services – but also for the creation of such conditions that will allow the Department of Postal Services to function competitively, the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works favours and promotes the transformation of the Department into an independent organization with administrative and economic autonomy.

Department of Postal Services, 100 Prodromou street, 2063 Strovolos
Sofronis Tsiartas
Customer Service Officer
George Koliandris
Marinos Kortas