The design and implementation of policies for the continuous improvement of transport (air, maritime and land) and of communications, as well as the continuous upgrading of the quality of projects implemented by the Ministry. In addition, the better promotion and exploitation of the archaeological wealth as well as other resources of the country is pursued.

    To establish Cyprus as a regional centre providing modern and efficient infrastructure and services.

    1. Respect for the citizen
    · Prompt response
    · Direct communication
    · Effective management of requests

    2. Sound Governance
    · Transparency of the procedures
    · Equal treatment / impartiality
    · Rationalised management of public resources

    3. Excellence
    · Excellent quality of works and services offered
    · Continuous adoption of innovative and modern solutions/technologies
    · Continuous improvement of effectiveness and efficiency

    4. Professionalism
    · Promotion of teamwork
    · Respect and recognition of personnel contribution
    · Acknowledge of responsibility
    · High professional standards
      The strategic goals of the Ministry of Transport Communications and Works over the three-year period 2017-2019 shall be as follows:
      1. Establishment of a modern, and safe road network and transport and promotion of sustainable mobility.
      2. Promotion of the digital economy and development of secure electronic communications networks and infrastructures.
      3. Modern, safe and sustainable aviation and improvement of Cyprus’s air connectivity with Europe and other third countries.
      4. Provision of modern and qualitative services and secure the citizen’s safety.
      5. Exploitation of the wealth and resources of the country.
      6. Sustain Cyprus as an international shipping centre.