The Citizen's Information Service was formed in April 2000, with the view of giving to every Cypriot citizen the right for efficient service, and with sensitivity to individual needs. Through this service, the citizen has direct access to the Ministry of Communications and Works for any problems, complaints and / or suggestions that are related to all the Departments and Directorates of the Ministry. The overall aim of the Ministry of Communications and Works, is to alter an impersonal organization to a more personal and flexible one, which can meet directly the needs of the public.

The objectives of the service are:
To give to the public direct information, and relevant assistance, through the formation of administrative channels within the Departments and Directorates of the Ministry. Through this, any inconvenience that might be caused by existing bureaucratic procedures is avoided.
To identify problems and any malfunctions of the Departments and Directorates and take corrective actions if needed.
The citizens will have an immediate response if the answer to a complaint or the information needed is not a complicated one.

In parallel, the citizen will be given information on the services offered by the various Departments and Directorates of the Ministry.

The service functions on a 24-hour basis with the use of an automatic telephone answering machine, which is in use when the office is closed or there is no officer available at the time of the call. In this case the messages are recorded, and immediate action is taken.

The telephone of the service is toll free and the number is 8000 2288.
When calling from abroad, the number is 00357 22 800 100.

The fax number is 22 776266.

E-mail address: